why adios

life is a journey – we all share the need to consciously be letting go of what is holding us back

what is the meaning of the adiosgear brand

adios is about letting go – which is transformational and creates unity – but only you can decide what how and when to do it

why wear adiosgear

because the gear is a reminder

why give someone adiosgear        

adiosgear is a simple yet powerful reminder of the power letting go instills – change begins within

the thought behind the name and the artwork

adios is the second most widely used goodbye in the world – the first one is goodbye

the meaning of the word adios in Spanish is to-god

the english translation of the word adios is goodbye – the word goodbye was shortened from “god be with ye”

it is handwritten in cursive so it is personal and as unique as the individual rather than using a known type style

the lower cased “a” stands for the middle of something verses using a capital “A” which would be the beginning of something

the accentuation was is placed over the “i” instead of the “o as it is normally positioned – it’s a focus on your awareness and of the Self

this is about “i” meaning the individual and is personal and about your journey – not a symbol of what the brand stands for

the ” . ” after the word suggests that you are consciously letting go and that it marks the end of that thing – which in turn means the start of something new – the next step in the your path to fulfillment

the three lines below symbolize transcending

the first part “a” in Spanish means “to” and to go is to journey or to create transformational change

and “dios” means God and there is no more important or more spiritual word

the sound “ah” is significant and it is the basis of all sound – it is a divinely sacred sound, an extremely powerful sound, very spiritual and known to be the sound of the heart chakra – it is the sound that is believed to be the sound created when we are born and the sound we make when taking our last breath

the cursive word symbolizes the ease and flow of life

and the reason for the word “gear” is for the visual reminder and also how gear is involved in creating a movement